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For us, to be part of Noriega y Escobedo is not only a cause for pride but also a commitment.

The care required to maintain and increase the prestige of our law firm is a shared responsibility entailing, among other things, a continued effort for personal development, an ethical imperative governing our actions, a passion for top quality legal services and an ongoing concern for working in the best interests of our clients and our organization. 

Excellence, leadership, certainty and constancy are the basic elements that have defined the work of Noriega y Escobedo for more than eight decades, and constitute the backbone of our philosophy.


Last 22nd. March 2017, Noriega&Escobedo, participated as delegate of the International Chamber of Commerce Mexican Committee in the ICC’s World Trade Agenda Day.

ICC, as world leading business organization, strongly renewed its commitment for free trade. Christiana Figueres, keynote speaker, mentioned several outstanding issues to be analyzed by ICC as well as good business practices to be implemented as large as possible… read more

The President of Mexico sent the bill of the Public Procurement Anti-Corruption Law (Ley Federal Anticorrupción en Contrataciones Públicas) in order to comply with the international obligations assumed by Mexico under various international instruments, such as the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption of the OAS and the UN Convention Against Corruption, providing that Mexico had to pass legislation to prevent and eradicate corruption…. See more

On October 31, 2014 an executive order amending, adding and repealing various provisions of the Regulations of the Law of Public and Private Partnerships (the “RLPPP”) was published.The main changes made to the RLPPP are the following: see more

On June 12, 2013 the amendments to article 28 of the Mexican Constitution entered into force. The new constitutional provision: (i) provides the Federal Competition Commission (FCC) with new, and more importantly, broader authority; (ii) provides that appeal for review will no longer be available, and (iii) that the only course of action available against the FCC’s resolutions will be an indirect amparoaction for constitutional relief without the right to petition for stay of execution of government action, exception made in this case of resolutions providing for the imposition of penalties or orders for divestiture by the economic agents involved.  See more

On July 6, 2010 the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data became effective and its Regulations entered into force on December 22, of that same year.
These bodies of law provide that any individual or entity who is in the possession of personal data of other identified or identifiable individuals is under the obligations of making use, disclosing and storing such information in compliance with the provisions of these statutes. Personal data may be collected and expressed in numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other manner.See more

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