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The history of Noriega y Escobedo is one of prestige, sound legal practice and success.
Our long experience, dating back to 1934, now draws from the stamina of the new generation of lawyers in our firm.
Our Mission and Vision

To fully and efficiently satisfy all requirements regarding the legal matters entrusted to us, being mindful of the fact that each case brings its own particular set of circumstances and requires special and meticulous attention.

To act at all times with social responsibility, in the free exercise of the legal profession and as a unique and effective human team that creates a strategic alliance with our clients.

We strive to make each case a success story for our clients and for ourselves, knowing in advance that these achievements will strengthen our constant effort for improvement and will project the successful image of our young and sharp legal professionals.

We, at Noriega y Escobedo, work from a modern and transformational perspective to offer a group of experienced and dynamic legal counselors who will build on, and build up, the reputation of Noriega y Escobedo as one of the most important law firms in Mexico.